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“It’s not often that a range of products comes along that changes the way photographers work. The Honl kit has done just that.” -Digital SLR Photography Magazine

15 Aug '16

Free Honl color filter pocket guide for speedlights

Posted by David Honl in color filters

For those of you new to using color filters in your speedlight photography, I'm now including a free pocket guide with each filter kit. It's a business card sized, folded card that tucks right next to your speedlight. In it, you'll find exposure compensation for each of the current Honl filters. It's a quick way to know the density of each filter to adjust your power output setting when using multiple speedlights. I've also added a few example photos to get you started. With just a little practice, you can create beautiful and dramatic pictures using your existing speedlights and some inexpensive modifiers!

Choose from a wide range of colors-and get a free Filter Rollup with the purchase of any 3 Honl Filter Kits


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