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03 Mar '16

4 speedlight setup in a tent!

Posted by David Honl in grids, soft box, workshops



Don't have a studio? No problem! You can set up a speedlight studio in nearly any small space. We set up a studio in a tent and shot against a red Westcott backdrop. This is a 4 Speedlight setup: 1 Nikon SB910 with a Honl Photo traveller8 Softbox as the main light, 2 SB910s with 1/8 Honl Photo Speed Grids for the rim lights on each side, and another SB910 with a 1/4 Speed Grid on the background. All Speedlights were at 1/8 power. Exposure was 1/125th @ f/11, ISO 100 with a Nikon D4S & 24-70 (at 50mm).

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